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Ricketts, Edward F. [... et al.]

Between Pacific tides - 5 revised and updated - California Stanford 1985 - 652 p il 23

pte. 1. Protected outer coast -- pte. 2. Open coast -- pte. 3.Bays and estuaries -- pte. 4. Wharf piling -- pte. 5. Between and beyond the tides -- Reference matter

This book describes the habits and habitats of the animals that live in one of the most prolific life zones of the world-the rocky shores and tide pools of the Pacific Coast of the United States. The intricate and fascinating life processes of these creatures are described with affectionate care. The animals are grouped according to their most characteristic habitat, whether rocky shore, sandy beach, mud flat, or wharf piling, and the authors discuss their life history, physiology, and community relations, and the influence of wave shock and shifting tide level.

0-8047-2068-1, 978-0-8047-2068-7

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