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Riegl, Bernhard M.

Coral reefs of the Gulf adaptation to climatic extremes - Dordrecht ; New York Springer 2012 - x, 379 p. illustrated., maps (some col.) 28 - Coral reefs of the world V.3. .

pte.1. Coral Reefs of the Gulf: Adaptation to Climatic Extremes in the World's Hottest Sea -- pte.2. Environmental Constraints for Reef Building in the Gulf -- pte.3. Geomorphology and Reef Building in the SE Gulf -- pte.4. Environmental Setting and Temporal Trends in Southeastern Gulf Coral Communities -- pte.5. Dynamics of Gulf Coral Communities: Observations and Models from the World's Hottest Coral Sea -- pte.6. Coral Bleaching and Mortality Thresholds in the SE Gulf: Highest in the World -- pte.7. Diseases, Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs) and Their Effects on Gulf Coral Populations and Communities -- pte.8. Reef Fish and Fisheries in the Gulf -- Extreme Physical Factors and the Structure of Gulf Fish and Reef Communities -- pte.10. Man-Made Structures as Artificial Reefs in the Gulf -- pte.11. The Hermatypic Scleractinian (Hard) Coral Fauna of the Gulf -- pte.12. The Octocoral Fauna of the Gulf -- pte. 13. Reef-Associated Macroinvertebrates of the SE Gulf -- pte.14. Marine Algae (Seaweeds) Associated with Coral Reefs in the Gulf -- pte.15. Conservation of Marine Ecosystems with a Special View to Coral Reefs in the Gulf -- pte.16. Environmental Concerns for the Future of Gulf Coral Reefs / Charles Sheppard, Mohsen Al-Husiani, F. Al-Jamali, Faiza Al-Yamani and Rob Baldwin, et al.

This book offers a complete review of the geology and biology of all extant coral areas in the Gulf, the body of water between Iran and the Arabian Pensinsula. Serves as either a volume of general reference or as a textbook treating recent coral reefs.


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